Big Data Congress II in Pictures

Written by Lisa Hrabluk

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February 26, 2014

Big Data Congress II, which was hosted by T4G, brought over 700 people to Saint John, NB for some great talks about technology’s impact on our lives and on businesses. These are their stories – in pictures. All photos by Wicked Ideas visual editor Michael Hawkins. Follow him @Hawkalicious bdc6

John Weigelt, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada @thumbtackhead



Clayton Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School; Author, The Innovator’s Dilemma @claychristensen



Full house at the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre for Clay Christensen. Wait a sec, is that a flip phone?



Corrine McIsaac, President and CEO, Health Outcomes Worldwide @outcomesCorrine



Corrine McIsaac, President and CEO, Health Outcomes Worldwide @outcomesCorrine



Adrian Bentley, Co-founder, Analyze Re @analyzere



Robert Scoble, tech writer and blogger,; author, The Age of Context @scobeleizer



David Saevitzon, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence, T4G (left) and Erin Shellman, data scientist, Nordstrom Data Lab @erinshellman



Kevin Slavin, Co-founder, Area/Code; MIT Media Lab, lead researcher, Playful Systems @slavin_fpo



Kevin Ashton, general manager, Conserve; The Internet of Things pioneer @Kevin_Ashton



T4G president Geoff Flood and Saint John Mayor Mel Norton close out Big Data Congress II. @melnortonsj



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