Power Building Strategies for Leaders on a Mission

It’s time to move your organization where it needs to go, not stay where it is.

Equip your organization with a powerful and persuasive strategic focus and messaging that attracts attention, builds influence, shifts power dynamics and creates the space you need to be the change the world needs you to be.

Wicked Power Check

Strategy in Action

The Wicked Power Check is a 4-part program that will turn exhausted mission-led leaders into FAST moving Wicked Power Players.

You will learn how to reframe your strategy for maximum impact, craft a persuasive call to action and cultivate influence with key decision-makers so you can shift hearts, minds and money to achieve GSD (get sh*t done) in under 12 months.

To be in the room where it happens, you first need to get out of the lobby.

A lot of changemakers think advocacy is about pushing for change. It isn’t.

It’s about pulling people in.

That’s how you build sustainable change that sticks.

Change that sticks the landing, sticks it to them, and sticks around long enough to scale and impact millions.

Ready to get started?

What You’ll Achieve from the Wicked Power Check Experience

Four sessions to change your world so you can invest in GSD the rest of the year.

You Right Now

You are a mission-led leader who knows where you want to go but some days it feels like the wheels are coming off the bus. Despite your best efforts, you struggle to stay focused on your current strategy while managing daily fires. You’re feeling overburdened, under-resourced and you fear you are running out of time.

You have a record of success but haven’t been able to scale your organization’s reach to achieve widespread and lasting change. You are caught in your existing funding/service delivery trap and do not have the time or money you need to focus on building your influence to ‘get to yes’ with key decision-makers.

You After Wicked Power Check

You have the core strategy to be a Wicked Power Player that can move FAST to achieve your mission within the next 12 months.

Your reframed strategic focus has given you clarity on how to leverage your MESSAGING POWER to persuasively communicate a shared mission others can rally behind, NETWORK POWER to leverage existing and new relationships to achieve your shared mission, and LEADERSHIP POWER to determine when, where and how to direct efforts to maximize influence to achieve mission results fast.

My Personal Promise to You

It is possible to change the world without depleting yours.

I know this because I’ve been you. I know what it feels like to be exhausted, stressed out and still fully committed to staying on this path of service.

Which is why, if you choose to work with me, I will help you lift yourself up so you can lift up the world.

There’s a lot of great strategic advice and process improvement programs out there but they weren’t built for leaders and teams on a mission.

They were built for industrial manufacturing, technology start-ups, and companies that sell products and services.

Few if any are anchored in the values and principles that drive us and our organizations forward.

Wicked Power Check does.

Mission, accomplished.

Program Details

Wicked Power Check is a four-part program with three ways to work to fit your schedule.

Intensive Two-Day Leadership Retreat

In-person, off-site

Focused Two-Week Leadership Program

In-person, onsite

Progressive Four-Week Individual or Team Practise


The combination of curriculum, digital tools and 1:1 coaching provides the strategy and messaging foundation needed to craft and launch your 12-month Wicked Power Playbook.

Perfect your Shared Value Proposition

Reframe your mission to clearly articulate who it serves and how it helps decision-makers and funders achieve their goals.

Target Strategic Relationships

Build and execute a strategic relationship management system that cultivates highly valuable, informative and influential contacts that can help you achieve your mission faster.

Craft Persuasive MEssaging that Works

Move people to act and establish yourself as an influential voice in your space with clear and confident communications.

Launch your Wicked Power Playbook

Lighten your path forward with a 12-month action agenda that clearly defines your strategic direction, milestones and activities to shift hearts, minds and money to achieve your mission and create sustainable change that sticks.

Are you ready to lift yourself up so you can lift up the world?

Tap into your Wicked Power.